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Welcome to the school of mighty men.


What is this school about ? And what is its purpose ?

It is a Bible school that trains future leaders of God. Jesus said there is a great harvest but few workers

God's goal in this school is to train quality, efficient workers who hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, who position themselves in their destiny to accomplish God's will on earth.

They will heal the wounded, they will set free those held in captivity, they will open the eyes of the blind and heal the deaf, they will console all who mourn, they will lift up broken families, they will rebuild the city and restore this land, the heritage that been stolen.

In this unreleased edition, we'll show you how you can tap into God's provision to meet your needs and empower you to break the boundaries in your life. Your life is supposed to change this world, and give hope to all those who no longer have any.

Creation is eagerly waiting for you to arise and reveal your true nature in Christ.






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